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Activity in Kuta Beach

Currently the island of Bali, especially in the Kuta area is very different from years ago because when we walk to the kuta beach there is a different feel to the other day, after I asked one of my friends turned out at Kuta beach now for the food trade located in Kuta was at it’s all drop the decisions of local governments, indigenous peoples from the result of deliberation.
Now you when on vacation to the beach kuta is free to enjoy the beautiful Kuta beach no more food traders who are just traders drinks, surf board rental, braid hair, massage.

we are very concerned about the merchants of food on Kuta beach because, according to information we have received the decision at that time coincided with the Idul Fitri Moslem (Lebarang) in which the announcement dated August 15, 2011 and the decision not to sell on 29 August 2011. If this information is less true author of this blog apologizing for what we knew was that we wrote based on information from some people just are not everything.
Maybe this is a new beginning for the Kuta beach resort start a new atmosphere, certainly all for the comfort and tranquility to all visitors who come to Kuta.

The authors hope the government of Bali will facilitate dressing area, it’s all to no harm to the merchants that previously existed in Kuta beach, we hope so, and we in bali driver from kaverasana hope too for situation of Kuta more better good :)
Even if there is more information from readers who happened to visit our blog authors are very grateful for any additional information regarding this issue and if something is missing or wrong, the authors expect the input and support of readers who visit this blog.
We are delighted with the new information about what the authors do not know.

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