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Bali Dance and Performances
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Balinese consider art to be a natural activity, as most performers are peasants who work in the fields during the day and perform during the night. Dynamic and agile, Balinese dance is dramatic, each dance with a different story, performed often by candlelit at the foot of a crumbling, magnificent temple. Dance is a part of life and often times the whole village will partake in the performance as these dances are performed according to strict tradition. Many of the dances tell stories involving the Ramayana epic, battling the ubiquitous themes of love, death and war. in Bali driver of kaverasana we will help you for looking that special bali dance of the temple.

bali dance Kecak Dance
The Kecak dance is one of the most famous, aesthetically impressive dances in Bali, although it is not a traditional dance. Created in the 1930s, this dance is not accompanied by traditional music. Instead, the dance group is accompanied by a large crowd of young shirtless men, with flowers in their hair who recite “kechak-ke-chack” over and over at various rhythms throughout the dance.
kecak barong Barong Dance
The Barong dance is accompanied by Gong Kebyar - an orchestra formed by a group of gamelan instruments and various metal gongs and symbols. The Barong dance is the classic story of good, the lion-like Barong conquering over evil, a witch Rangda .
barong bali Baris Dance
The Baris dance is a traditional war dance usually performed by men. The dance glorifies the manhood of the triumphant Balinese warrior. It is a religious ritual dedication to warriors and their weapons during a temple feast.
bali barong Rejang Dance
The word Rejang means "offering" and all together Rejang Dance is self-sacrifice by way of devotion in dance. This dance is usually performed along with a big religious ceremony which takes place either inside or outside of the temple.
bali dance Legong Dance
Among all the various forms of Balinese dance, the Legong is often considered to be the most graceful. There are various forms of this dance.
bali barong Gamelan Music
The crisply percussive gamelan music which accompanies most Balinese dances shares their vitality and agility. The Gamelan are musical instruments with five notes forged from copper and bronze. Each village that can afford it has their own gamelan orchestra. On any night in Bali, visitors can amble around a village, find a quiet porch for a soothing drink and listen to the sound of the gamelan orchestra radiating from the village " banjar " (meeting place) in the background.

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