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Founder: Gede (First born)Rudi Artha
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Born in The northern District of Buleleng in the city of Singaraja, an old Dutch capital and trading port.

Rudi’s upbringing, in this northern coast with its long history of European influence and cosmopolitan flavour, no doubt, led him on his quest for international travel, exploration and interest in mixing with the many visitors to his island.

This journey, combined with 5 years experience of handling tourists, gave birth to his dream to set up his own business of driver and guide. His personal understanding of the characteristics of different nationalities and visitors to Bali gave him a talent for meeting the needs of his clients and share his unique cultural understanding of “east meets west”.

His jovial, helpful manner and friendly personality have made him a popular option for returning guests.

Rudi has been working hard at training a team to support him in the business. They all have his good knowledge of Bali and its important sights as well as knowledge of the most popular restaurants, night sports, spas and shopping, good for service in bali driver with touring around bali,
We ready have touring with bali driver guide with good caracter and good friendly.


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