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Below are some testimonials from our guests during the tour with our driver bali in bali driver kaverasanabalitour by putting forward a spirited guide patiently.

Hi Rudi,
Hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you for making our trip so great and showing us all the beautiful sites of Bali. It is a very special place and thank you for sharing it with us.

We had a great time and truly loved the Island. Before I head back to Canada this week, I wanted to send you some of the pictures we took with you. Please feel free to post it on your website and I am more than happy to write something about the experience that you can use on your website to share with other travelers if you would like.

We look forward to coming back to Bali soon. All the best.


bali tour bali tour

Dear Rudi,
We want to thank you for making our visit to Bali the trip of a lifetime!  From the minute we saw your smiling face at the airport to the time we hugged goodbye, we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our visit.  Having you as our guide and driver allowed us to relax and enjoy the sights and not have to worry about a thing.  You were so attentive, fun, and professional.  Thank you for being so flexible and customizing our tours each day to fit our needs.  We are typically “do-it-yourselfers”, but having someone who can maneuver through the traffic congestion, knowing back roads, where the best restaurants are and take all the guess-work and stress out of travel made all the difference.  We had originally booked your tour service for 4 days but after the second day we were thrilled that you could extend this to a full 7 days.  We saw everything we wanted to see and cannot wait to come back.  We’re telling all our friends and family about you and will recommend you highly to all future travelers to Bali!  We’ve included some pictures for you to enjoy. Best wishes and thanks for being our guide and our friend!
Greg Iker and Dr. Larkin Page

bali tour bali tour

Dear Rudi,

I ran across a blog on Bali travel, while I was planning our trip. One person recommended Kaverasana Bali Tours, so I looked it up and reserved one day during our stay.

Rudi, the owner, followed up with us by sending SMS messages a week before and a day or two before our booking. This let us know that someone would show up.

When we arrived in Bali, we found that our confirmation from Travelocity was meaningless, and we had no hotel. All hotels in Bali were booked, due to the Hari Raya holiday. In desperation, I called the only person I "knew" in Bali, which was Rudi. I don't know how he did it, but he found us a much better hotel than we had originally booked, and it was only US$40 more per night. He saved the rest of our trip.

Rudi was also our tour guide. He was waiting in the hotel lobby before we got there. We had selected a tour from the Website, but that was just a suggestion. Rudi let us make our own custom tour. The car was new, comfortable, and air conditioned. We ended up keeping him for 10 hours.

Anyway, it was well worth the price and we will definitely take advantage of Kaverasana the next time we are in Bali.

Jim Medland
San Diego

bali tour

My name is Paolo Forte,
This summer, mmyself and some friends have been rented an house in Seminyak ,Bali.
We had a wonderful time as usual in Bali and we pleased to know and meet Rudi Artha , from Kaverasan Bali Tour.
We have been renting his driver service ...and he had delivered a very professional service...
But we also like to say that he has been very nice with us,always available for  all our enquiry..beyond the driving service...
going around bali with him it has been  really fun..
He is a very nice guy so it was like going around  with a friend...
Paolo Forte
Italy, 15/8/08

kaverasana balitour bali tour

Dear Rudi:

I wanted to take the time to thank you for your wonderful service as a guide and driver for myself and my daughter Christina. The recommendation from Bobby to use your services was very fortunate for us. We not only had a wonderful guide who took excellent care of us and showed us the beauty of Bali but we also were very fortunate to make a new friend at the same time.

It is my sincere hope that your business is successful as I believe you have much to offer guest in Bali. Your hard work ethic, honesty and knowledge of Bali are only a few of your wonderful traits. Being women traveling alone you took excellent care of us and ensured our safety always.

I will recommend you and your services highly to all here. I am also going to pass this along to AAA which is an organization here for traveling and post on a few of the travel websites. I have misplaced your website address and would appreciate if you would pass it along again to me.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the pictures below:
We all thoroughly enjoyed our day on the boat and the island. Hope your current work is going well. Please let me know if you would like any other information from me.

IEA, Inc.
Susan Newell, COB

9625 55th Street  Kenosha, WI  53144
ISO 9001:2000 Certified

bali tour bali tour
Rudi and the Guys having fun.
As always, Rudi taking care of us.

"If you’re looking for car rental or tour guide while in Bali, I can think of no one else who can compare to Rudi.
Rudi worked for me in Bali for two years helping with my daughter and assisting in many areas. Without the trust and assurance that I got from Rudi, I would not have felt comfortable with him watching over my teenager!
I even took Rudi to Hawaii with me two times and I found him to be indispensable. Rudy has a good command of English and always a respectable attitude. I highly recommend him and his company to assist you while in Bali.
Please call or e-mail me if you need any further information.

Parker Price
Kauai Hawaii / Bali Indonesia

I holidayed recently in Bali with my mother. We had 8 days of relaxation, indulgence (of food, body pampering & shopping) & laughs.. Exactly what we had been seeking after a gruelling year of work.

Such was the warmth of Rudi after our day tripping to Ubud, we embraced each other. He had become a friend over the day - so much so that we then went to see Rudi dancing his beloved salsa.. & extremely well!

Rudi was very entertaining & always informative. His knowledge of the area extends to him being able to make very valuable & "beyond the norm" suggestions of where to visit, what to do & where to dine. He has extensive knowledge of what is going on day to day and this makes for a rich experience whilst in Bali.

I look forward to visiting Bali again & experiencing a lot more of the place in Rudi's care.

Sarah Thorburn
Senior Associate - Bongiorno Financial Services & Catharine Thorburn Travel Expert - ETM Travel

Hey! As attach see the first article, there is just a small picture of you in it... But another article will follow in two month, and there will be driving pictures of you in it!!

Greetings from Germany

bali tour   bali tour

My name is Mary Ann Price and I recently spent five glorious weeks in Bali. I attribute much of the wonderful experience there to Rudi Artha,who became my dear friend and protecto in the sense that he always had my safety as a priority and driving in Bali that is very important.
He is a wonderful guide and knows Bali and its surroundings ,being there his whole life.. Not to mention how respectful and so much fun too. Have a great time knowing Rudi,you will be delighted with your time spent with him as your driver and guide...

Mary Ann Price
Hawaii, 15/02/08


Thanks for driving me to Lovina - the trip to the North of Bali was great fun - I enjoyed our talks and the opportunity to learn more about the island of Bali and its marvellous culture. I especially liked to two different routes we took - I got to see so much more of the place than I expected.

Also, special thanks for your patience in waiting for my late arriving plane - it was good to see your smiling face outside the terminal. I will definitely call you for transport when we next come to Bali .

Yours sincerely,
Paul Minifie
New Zealand.